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Homeowners: Go solar and your next power bill is on us

Insure your solar-powered house and get up to $350 towards your next power bill. 

With Nanbo, you can enjoy great savings while saving our environment.


Terms and conditions:

  • Limited to one (1) house per policy.

  • Must insure home with Nanbo Insurance under a Homeowners’ Insurance Policy on a 12-month policy term.  The solar panels do not need to be insured to qualify for this promotion. 

  • If the solar panels will be insured, must provide a receipt of purchase of the solar panels. 

  • Home and solar panels are subject to inspection by a representative of NANBO.

  • Solar panels must be in working order and functioning.

  • Must provide a loss history certificate from current insurance carrier, if currently insured elsewhere.

  • The Primary Name on your GPA billing statement MUST match the registered owner of the house.

  • Guam Power Authority Statement Amount Limit: The LOWER of your Guam Power Authority (GPA) monthly My Energy Statement amount, OR, a MAXIMUM of Three Hundred Fifty ($350.00) U.S. Dollars.

  • This promotion does not cover houses OUTSIDE of the policy territory of GUAM.

Save big when you bundle your insurance policies at Nanbo Insurance. Insure your car, home, motorcycle or business at Nanbo and enjoy great savings up to 50%.
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